London's Story

London in the Present Day

Since this time London has continued to “grow” – not in the population sense, but in its cultural diversity, its ethnic diversity and its social diversity. By the year 2000 over one quarter of London’s population was born outside the British Isles. London is the financial capital of Europe, and is Europe’s richest city in terms of per capita wealth – and this is quoted from the Daily Telegraph financial pages. More than 50% percent of all Londoners are employed in the service sector, banking, insurance and financial sectors, and tourism.

London has been enriched with immigrants from all over the Commonwealth, notably from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Hong Kong, and these people have brought their unique skills and industry to wealth creation.

LGL outstanding buildings Mosque Regents Pk.jpg
Mosque in Regent's Park

As happened centuries before, the immigrants have, by and large, been assimilated into London’s society with great success, and most Londoners are still tolerant and willing to get on with their neighbours as they always were.

Olympic Stadium 2012 interior 1.jpg
Olympic Stadium 2012 - reproduced by permission of London Olympic Committee

It is this constantly changing scene that makes London such an exciting and vibrant city to live and work in. Nothing stays the same, constant renewal is the name of the game, with new challenges, new buildings, new creations in arts and fashions and architecture and music – all set against a more than two-thousand year history of tradition and stability, and now under the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, whose reign so far has amassed 54 years.

 LGL new Gherkin  City.jpg
The Gherkin - The Swiss Re Building - A splendid example of modern building styles in the City of London

It is difficult to sum up London in a single sentence. I have lived in London for most of my life, and when I first read Dr. Samuel Johnson’s description of London (he’s the guy who wrote the very first Dictionary of the English Language) I knew instantly what he was getting at.    He said: “When a Man is tired of London he is tired of Life, for there is in London all that Life can afford.” That says it all for me – and for a lot of other Londoners too!


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